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GM Original Limited Edition Batting Gloves

The Best Repeated Impact Absorption Material! Soft and contouring against The body, yet instantly dissipates force upon impact Absorbs up to 90% of energy when impacted at high strain rates Maintains performance beyond The life of the product Consistent repeated impact absorption Excellent compression-set resistance Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria APPROX WEIGHT PER PAIR (KG): 0.50 PALM: PITTARD LEATHER PALM WEAR PATCH BACK OF HAND: PRO PU FINGER ROLLS: XRD & FIBRE OVERFLAPS WITH RAW COTTON, HD FOAM & FIBRE OVERFLAPS WITH RAW COTTON BACK OF HAND FILLING: HD FOAM, PLASTIC FIBRE MULTI SECTION BACK OF HAND SOFT-FILL COMFORT COMFORT LINING TWO-PIECE THUMB SIDE BAR PROTECTION SWEATBAND: DOUBLE SIDED
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